Our Mission: To ensure that each student achieves his/her highest personal potential
Our Vision: To be a world-class school system

Research and Assessment Department

Dr. Richard Itzen Director 239-335-1448
Michele Stanford Coordinator 239-337-8627
Crissy Stout Coordinator 239-335-1495
Christelle Fancovic Data Management Specialist 239-337-8684
Alina Morales Data Management Specialist 239-337-8647
FAX Number   239-337-8664

About Us
District Assessment, both formal and informal, relies on the availability of data, especially related to student achievement measures. The Research and Assessment Department is responsible for providing data for both school-based and district personnel; parent, business, and community organizations; and other educational agencies. The data are used primarily to monitor the progress of students, schools and the district as a whole. Links to School Grades, FCAT results, and more, are provided to access this type of data.

Our Department serves as the liaison for the district for State accountability systems such as School Grading. These systems monitor student achievement as measured by results of the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT). These measures are built into the School Improvement Plan process as well as the Strategic Planning process.

Another aspect of assessment is program evaluation and auditing. The Evaluation Matrix is an attempt to capture major district programs, how they are evaluated, and by what entity.

Testing – Administration and Reporting

Our Department oversees the administration and reporting of all state mandated assessments such as the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT), the Florida Kindergarten Readiness Screener (FLKRS), as well as, other District assessments including the STAR and Common Course Exams (CCEs).

Research - Guidelines, Request Forms, Reports

Our Department is responsible for the management of requests to conduct research in the District through a district committee that reviews proposed research studies. Requests to conduct research in the District primarily come from district employees who are pursuing advanced degrees and who are working on doctoral dissertations. We are happy to encourage our employees in these endeavors and equally committed to following guidelines that ensure that instructional activities in the District continue as usual. Past and current research projects are displayed in the links at the right.

The department is currently working on a system for publishing departmental areas of research interest.

Other data related to Educational Research studies and resources can be accessed via the Grant Department's link to Program Development.